ACIC Family/Children Policy

A copy of this poicy can be downloaded here.


ACIC is an adult-focused Contact Improvisation event. Parents are welcome to bring their children, however it is important to understand that ACIC takes no responsibility for children at the event. We have written this policy to be a clear and thorough guideline for what’s to be expected when attending ACIC with children. Once you have read this policy, please email the ACIC office so we can arrange a time to have a check-in discussion, prior to booking your ACIC Tickets.

* ACIC considers “children” to be under the age of 18 years.



  1. ACIC does not provide any childcare, activities or dance sessions for children.
  2. Throughout the event, in the dance space and on the premises, children’s safety and well-being remains the responsibility of their parent/guardian.
  3. Parents need to be alert to safety considerations, both on the dance floor and within the wider location (i.e: bushland, beach), as ACIC will be sharing the location with members of the public and other groups.



Children are not permitted to participate in any led sessions, which includes the Underscore. During unstructured or open jam sessions, children may be allowed on the dance floor under the following conditions:

  1. Children are under constant direct supervision and care of their parent/guardian or an individual directly nominated by a parent/guardian. Direct supervision means the parent or carer must be in close proximity to the child.
  2. Children are to stay at the edges of the dance space, and away from any fast-paced or high-intensity dancing/activity.


Space in the Hall

ACIC will designate a “Kids Hangout Area” in a corner of the main dance hall. This is a place for children and their designated carers to draw, read or do other quiet activities. Children are permitted to use electronic devices/screens in this area provided they use headphones to avoid distracting others. Children are not permitted to hangout, play or use screens etc in other parts of the main dance hall.

Please note that the “Soft Space” corner, in the main dance hall, is a quiet space designated for adults.


If issues arise at the event

The Family team will stay in regular communication with you at the event to ensure that expectations can be met, and minor issues are resolved if/when they first arise. The ACIC team (organisers, tutors and monitors) have the right to request a parent/guardian to remove their child from the dance floor/space if they consider:

— either the child or other participants to be at risk of potential injury.

— the child’s behaviour to be significantly disrupting the current session.



At the commencement of ACIC, parents/guardians will be required to sign an Agreement Form, stating that they understand and agree to abide by this policy.